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My name is Cristina. I own a modern wellbeing practice and help people heal consciously and naturally with different modalities that suit their individual needs. I practice in Cape Town / Stellenbosch and seasonally in Switzerland.

My Therapies

These treatments can help you with stress related issues, like insomnia, headache, back / neck pain, burn out symptoms or just a simple need for relaxation.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage is highly efficient in helping reduce water retention, it can improve your circulation and lead to a healthier immune-system response, detox, post operative support and it is highly recommended after liposuction.


Cranio-Sacral Therapy

SCIO Biofeedback

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Dynamic Spinal Therapy

Massage Therapies

About Me

I’m a Swiss-born therapist who moved to South Africa with my family in 1997, where I discovered my passion for Cranio-Sacral Therapy and other complementary modalities. In 2022/2023 I continued my education in Switzerland and obtained certifications for manual lymphatic drainage and reflexology which is part of the Swiss EMR registration process. I offer personalized and holistic care in a calm and friendly setting. If you want to feel better, contact me today.

What my clients say

When I first met Cristina I had no idea of the positive impact that she would have on my healing journey, suddenly a whole new inner and outer world opened up and expanded for me. Once you’ve made the decision to truly embrace your healing and do the inner child work, you can never go backwards, but only forwards. Whilst it is not always an easy path to walk, Cristina gives you the tools to be able to navigate the healing process and always encourages you along the way to stand in your strength and power, always by being kind to yourself. Cristina encourages a space of trust and openness to be able to share and release your innermost self and for that I am truly grateful. Over the past few years I have been with Cristina, I have both seen and felt deeply the positive impact and benefits of the various therapies and modalities that I have done in Cristina’s practice and the profound difference that this has made to me both consciously and unconsciously in my daily life. We will never stop growing, the Universe/God is always our Guiding Light and it definitely sends its teachers our way to help guide us. Thank you Cristina for all your support, compassion and guidance over the years, you have made a hugely positive impact on my life and how I now embrace life both inside and out.
Hans, I cannot thank you enough. I didn't have any side effects besides feeling like Id run a marathon! Which I think is a good thing as those muscles hadn't been used. I slept like a baby and was stiff this morning which is also a good thing. I did a fair amount of walking with my wheelie today. I definitely need your treatment every two weeks thank you Hans. The specialist that wanted to do a fusion on my back said if I didn't it would take a miracle to keep me out of a wheelchair. You are a miracle!
It is difficult to encapsulate what Cristina does when you are in a healing session with her. The power of her work is deep. Cristina works on a deep level to heal emotional trauma and I know that from personal experience. Cristina worked with me for over a year during a crisis in my life. The transformation that I felt over the weeks and months was profound andI became stronger, clearer and healed in a way that I have never experienced before. Incredible patience and profound intuition guided her experience with me. I cannot recommend Cristina highly enough and I cannot recommend her work enough. The healing experience of her craniosacral work goes beyond what words can explain. Thank you, Cristina for healing and helping me through what was a really challenging time.
Karen Barensche



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