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Cristina Krebs

I was born and raised in Switzerland. In 1997 my husband and I took a leap of faith and moved, with our two small children to South Africa, where we started a completely new life, away from a rat race, into a lot of unknown territory of farming and guest hosting.

Ten years down that road, I realized, life is not just a linear progression but more like a steppingstone experience. Through a couple of beautiful coincidences, I ended up at a Cranio-Sacral Therapy Introduction weekend which then lead to learning Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

Over the past 20 years I have kept learning, training, and expanding my knowledge in the field. But also somewhat going back to my roots of where it all started; my initial education in Switzerland as a Medical Assistant (MPA).

My most recent training (reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage) has also been done in Switzerland. I am currently in process of registering as a professional in reflexology, and manual lymphatic drainage, with Swiss Health Insurance Companies (EMR registered).

Spinal Dynamic Alignment will soon also become part of a new modality.

The demand for complementary medical treatments is steadily increasing. Their effectiveness has been scientifically proven in certain areas.

Patients are increasingly looking for treatments to provide relief and at the same time replace or supplement conventional medications. Patients more often search for a more holistic approach.

What to expect

I create a quiet, professional, kind and secure environment. Therapies will be tailored and adjusted to your specific needs.

Ready to feel better? Why not start today;  call or WhatsApp me on 082 975 0406 (South Africa) and 079 748 8190 (Switzerland)

Contact me on 082 975 0406



Hansruedi Krebs


Hi, my name is Hans Krebs and I am a qualified massage therapist.

After years of working in finances, I have finally decided to change my career and completed my training in Switzerland (2023) as a qualified massage therapist. 

I was specifically trained to treat back pain and correcting pelvic tilts using a swinging, air filled cushion which was invented by Rolf Ott in Switzerland. I have further specialized  in sport massage therapy after injuries and post surgery support.

In addition I offer the classic massage for maintaining health and wellbeing where I focus on regeneration, relaxation, fatigue reduction and stress release.

I am also in the process to register with Swiss medical aid as I work seasonally in Zurich.  My clients can expect a high quality massage, where I identify  the root causes of your discomfort and design a tailormade massage therapy, reaching the best possible results. Healing starts right here.

Contact me on 072 376 12 72

E-mail: hanskrebs3@gmail.com 




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” Taking care of yourself is the most powerful way to begin to take care of others” – Bryant McGill






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